Winter Ambiences Vol. 1 VR + 5.1

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Winter Ambiences Vol. 1 is a collection of 30 High Definition ambience sound effects taken during Winter
in two of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains - Vitosha and Stara Planina. Included you can find
recordings of light, mild and strong winds, rustling leaves, creaking trees and single birds singing like a great tit, 
crow, etc. All ambiences are recorded with Sennheiser Ambeo mic and Sound Devices MixPre 6 at 96 KHz/24bit
and are delivered in VR A-format, 5.1 and stereo. Little to no post production was made in order to preserve the natural sound.

Link to the description file:  Winter Ambiences Vol. 1

Package size: 12.5GB (3 .rar archive files) with individual track length of approx 3 minutes and are with embedded meta data.

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